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Tung's Acupuncture

Tung’s Orthodox Acupuncture is a highly specialised discipline of acupuncture famed for it's ability to treat the most severe conditions with immediate results. Many times more effective than common forms of acupuncture practiced, it can treat almost any ailment by applying only a few needles.

This ancient healing technique has been passed from father to first son for over seventy generations, the last being Master Tung Ching-Chang (1916-1975) and who’s ancestors can be traced back to as early as the Han Dynasty in the northern part of China (206BC – 220AD).

Tung’s has at least 500 unique acupuncture points, most of which are totally different from ordinary Chinese points and enjoys enormous respect in the Chinese acupuncture field because of its simplicity and effectiveness.

Master Tung has been referred to as the greatest acupuncture master who ever lived and he was famous for the miraculous and spontaneous results he obtained for his patients using only a few needles during any one treatment.

Master Tung was a member of the National Army and after the Chinese civil war, he was one of the few acupuncturists able to escape to Taiwan following the communist victory on mainland China in 1949. During this time, Master Tung gained a remarkable reputation by providing his acupuncture services to his military colleagues. Because of this, when he left the army, he was asked by his previous patients and colleagues to open his own Tung’s Acupuncture practice in Taipei.

Master Tung was an acupuncture physician in Taiwan for 26 years. Between the years of 1953-1975 he treated over 40,000 patients at his clinic in Taipei. It was also during this time that Master Tung became the first in his family’s lineage to break with tradition and began taking on apprentices and disciples in order to pass on his knowledge of this superior art of Eastern Medicine.

Initially, he took on students from his native Shandong province on mainland China and then later from a multitude of various nationalities including Taiwanese, Chinese, Vietnamese and Canadian. He had a strict policy of whom he would and would not accept as a student. This was to ensure responsible students would carry on the Tung’s discipline of acupuncture with honor and respect.

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KORE Therapy

KORE Therapy uses a unique combination of Western diagnostic and assessments, Eastern release techniques, with a mixture of psychologies and philosophies to help clients with the most chronic conditions make a breakthrough to recovery and good health.

Treatment is focused on finding and treating the root causes of your condition and why you are suffering. By using muscle & functional testing and palpation we can find exactly where your issue is coming from. For example, a knee problem usually has a back strain connection that needs treating before the knee can fully recover, or chronic lower back pain often has an old neck injury that causes most of the back pain.

Without discovery and treatment of the cause, we are only ever going to mask the issue. Natural release and mobilisation techniques are used to release the irritation and inflammation which is leading to your pain and other connected issues.

Techniques used during treatment include: Mobilisations, Tuina, Acupressure, Cupping, Acupuncture, Qi Gung, Cranial balancing, Deep organ massage, NLP and others.

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Neuro Linguistic Programming

Anyone who has ever heard the story of the Titanic knows that the part of an iceberg we can see is only the tip, and what is underneath is far greater in size and far more powerful. In NLP this is how we view the relationship between the conscious and unconscious mind.
Your conscious mind, what you are aware of in any given moment, is merely the tip of this iceberg. Your unconscious, the part that is beneath the surface of your awareness, is infinitely more powerful and is the part of you that is really controlling your life.
The prime directive of the unconscious mind is to preserve itself and the body. At times it will even make us sick in an effort to draw our attention to a particular behaviour that at one time may have served us, but now no longer does. Because the root cause of this behaviour is often hidden from us, beneath the level of our awareness, we may need help accessing it in order to make a change. NLP provides us with the resources to do this.

Online sessions available soon.

Please contact us for details.

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Client Testimonials

NLP Testimonial

''Before I worked with Eoin I felt like I was a ticking time bomb of emotion and had been for years.  I was going from sad, to scared, to angry all of the time and it was so exhausting.  I was putting on a brave face but inside I was really suffering.  I just wanted to feel peace.

After I worked with Eoin I felt so calm.  Like a switch had been flicked on.  Stuff that had previously made me feel incensed with rage now just made me laugh. I now looked at things from a completely different perspective and that in itself felt so liberating.  As someone who craves freedom, this was a huge relief for me. I felt so much lighter. 

Eoin is so easy to talk to, there's nothing I couldn't tell him.  He creates a safe space and instantly puts you at ease with his calm demeanour.  With NLP, he's there to push you which of course feels uncomfortable but even the way he does this, reassures you it's to get you to a breakthrough.  I was amazed at how quickly I felt so different.  I would really recommend booking some sessions with Eoin.  He is a gentle but powerful healer with a beautiful soul.  You will be in good hands

Karen, Dublin

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